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Shop for our vintage jewelry and antique jewelry in reasonable price, Wholesale vintage jewelry and vintage costume jewelry supply in Gracese. For any enquiry, please contact our customer service department by Contact Us.

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  1. Pastoral Style Turbot Bell Necklace
  2. Ice Blue Ocean Star Beaded Bracelet
  3. Red Coral Multi-element Long Bracelet Necklace
  4. Thai Style Synthetic Garnet Crystal Bracelet
  5. Three Yellow Agate Garnet Pendant Bracelet
  6. Cute Rabbit Crystal Diamond Bow Ring
  7. Vintage Lawn Green Crystal Beads Section Ring
  8. Vintage Green Crystal Beads Section Ring
  9. Azure Featured Female Models Beads Ring
  10. New Amethyst Colorful Beads Ring
  11. New Amethyst Brown Beads Ring
  12. Punk Rock Style Black Crystal
  13. Red Agate Crystal Mix Long Bracelet 6185
  14. Amulet Purple Garnet Bracelet
  15. Natural Purple Crystal Mix Multilayer Long Bracelet 6144
  16. Resort Beach Green Flowers Paragraph Bracelet
  17. Cross Ethnic Palace Bottles Necklace
  18. Cute Owl Lovely Necklace
  19. Thai Elephant Necklace 6107
  20. Love Bright Peacock Bangle
  21. Court Beauty Head Bangle
  22. 9PCS Bohemian Exotic Hand Bracelet Bangle 5548
  23. Owl Enamel Bangle
  24. Retro Rose Hollow Ring
  25. Bohemian Retro Gem Ring
  26. Ruby Inlay Ring
  27. Ring-shaped Mirror Retro Aesthetic Ring
  28. Bronze Rose Ring
  29. Bronze Leather Ring
  30. Fresh Apple Earrings
  31. Features Elegant Ceramic Flower Earrings
  32. Apple Black Coral Stone Tassel Necklace
  33. Natural Turquoise Medallion Necklace
  34. Classical Palace Tibetan Jewelry Earrings
  35. Five Leaf Flower Alloy Ring
  36. Exquisite Tibetan Silver Hollow Peach Heart Pendant Necklace
  37. DIY Design Handmade Coral Rubble Cone Necklace
  38. Ethnic Handmade Tibetan Silver Necklace
  39. Chinese Red Graceful Exquisite High Quality Earrings
  40. Tibetan Silver Red Coral Fish Bracelet
Grid List

Items 1-40 of 81

Set Ascending Direction